The Delhi Public Library (DPL) was established in 1951 by the then Ministry of Education, Government of India with the financial and technical assistance from the UNESCO. The Library was inaugurated by the first Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru on 27th October, 1951. At present, the Delhi Public Library is functioning under the administrative control of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. The Head-quarter is located opposite Old Delhi railway station, it has since been developed into a premier public library system in the country covering the entire Metropolitan city. Besides providing free library services to the people, children and adult alike, irrespective of any distinction of sex, caste, creed and religion. DPL also looks after their recreational needs to harness the latent potential of the members of the public by providing a suitable platform for socio-cultural activities. The DPL has started its services from the NCR, initially from Noida on 10.03.2019.

Roll of Honour Chairmans

1. Sh. Yudhvir singh 06.01.1951 to 31.03.1955
2. Sh. Gopinath Aman 01.04.1955 to 23.08.1959
3. Dr. Yudhvir Singh 24.08.1959 to 17.10.1963
4. Sh. Noor-Uddin Ahmad 18.10.1963 to 17.10.1967
5. Dr. Swaroop Singh 18.10.1967 to 26.04.1970
6. Prof. A. Dasgupta 27.04.1970 to 26.04.1973
7. Dr. Prem Kirpal 27.04.1973 to 26.04.1979
8. Sh. D.R. Kalia 27.04.1979 to 25.05.1982
9. Sh. A.R. Kidwai 26.05.1982 to 25.05.1985
10. Sh. Girja Kumar 03.06.1985 to 03.04.1986
11. Dr. D.N. Panigrahi 04.04.1986 to 30.10.1989
12. Sh. B.S. Bhalla 31.10.1989 to 12.08.1990
13. Sh. Ashok Koshi 13.08.1990 to 22.10.1990
14. Sh. B.N. Tandon 23.10.1990 to 23.10.1993
15. Sh. Shankar Dayal Singh 01.02.1994 to 26.11.1995
16. Smt. Kanan Bala Singh 08.01.1996 to 06.01.1999
17. Sh. G.M. Ahuja 01.03.1999 to 28.02.2002
18. Sh. T.N. Chaturvedi 01.03.2002 to 19.09.2002
19. Sh. S.R. Sharma 20.09.2002 to 16.12.2003
20. Sh. Jagmohan 17.12.2003 to 02.08.2004
21. Smt. Neena Ranjan 03.08.2004 to 31.03.2006
22. Sh. Badal K Dass 05.06.2006 to 18.05.2007
23. Smt. Shailaja Chandra 20.05.2007 to16.05.2013
24. Sh. Rajesh Ranjan 17.05.2013 to 04.06.2013
25. Sh. B.S. Baswan 05.06.2013 to 23.06.2015
26. Dr. Ramsharan Gaur 24.06.2015 ---

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Did you know in 2011-12...

you borrowed over 11,11,890 items
books - 11,11,890,
DVDs - 13,310

you walked through our doors over 2,44,499 times and visited our website more than 1,61,274 times

you asked us over 20,659 questions

Average No of Books Issued Per day 3,370







DPL accepts Donation/ Gift under CSR. During 2018-2019, the DPL has received the following under CSR:

i. Rs. 3.25 Crores for purchase of 5 Mobile Buses from Airports Authority of India.

ii. One sanitary napkin vending machine from CSR Foundation in association with ONGC.

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150th Gandhi Jayanti

Commemoration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

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Sanskriti Kumbh 2019

Sanskriti Kumbh 2019 Details

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To Participate in any Activity/ Event/ Talk Show/ Book Reading Session :

1. Speaker/ Resource Person/ Subject Expert- 9643322854

2. Audience/ participant- 9643322855

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